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Spend 21 days in prayer with us..

We want to be a community with a kingdom culture that always seek God's

righteousness first, that love God with all our heart and mind and strength and love

others as ourselves, and a gathering that make disciples as we go, making disciple-

making disciples.

Since the last prayer campaign in May, we believed that the direction of Coast

Community is not something that happens separate from our ministry expressions

(School, Preschool and Care) and our partners, but are convinced that your

partnership in the gospel, through active prayer, is what is required. One of the most

powerful aspects of any renewal is corporate, prevailing prayer where we, as One

Body, join together in seeking God's guiding Presence moving forward.

Scripture that framed our time:


  1. Matthew 6: Seek first

  2. Matthew 22: Love God, love one another.

  3. Matthew 28: Make disciples as you go.

What has been noteworthy is how all our ministry expressions, the school, the

preschool, and Coast Community Care, have reached a crossroad together.

A GPS requires three satellites to accurately assist us in reaching our destination by

firstly providing us with a position fix. Without a current location, it is impossible to

provide a route forward. Therefore, we invite you, through prayer to seek God’s

guiding presence with us. The specific focus of this 21-day prayer campaign is

asking God: “What is our current position, and what are areas where we can allow

the Holy Spirit to work in our lives?”

We are asking you to pay attention to what God may be saying to you, through his

Word, or a picture. We will have a processing partners night on the 30th of August

where we will come together to hear from each other about what God is saying and

where we are at.

How it works:

We have split the 21 days into 3, 7-day brackets:

Week 1 is Follow – Hallow be Your Name. Praying Matthew 6

Week 2 is Gather – Your kingdom Come. Praying Matthew 22

Week 3 is Go – Your will be Done. Paying Matthew 28: 18-20

We are asking you to join us as we spend each week with one focus verse. What is

God saying to you?

What can you pray for?

  • Pray for renewal of our hearts in awe of God our Father.

  • Pray for a fresh encounter, a revelation of who Jesus is to us as Bridegroom.

  • Pray for an intensified work of the Holy Spirit among us.

  • Pray for our elders and leaders of Coast Community Church

  • Pray for the activation of our faith in partnering with the Gospel where forgiveness and grace.

Bible Verses

We would love to hear from you...

We would love to hear how God has spoken to you during this season of prayer. Please let us know by completing the form below.

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