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Aerial View of Barren Land



We have chosen a short passage each day from this week’s message. Take your time reading each one and ask that the Holy Spirit would speak to you. You might like to read it two or three times, each time focusing more closely on words or ideas that catch your attention.  It may be helpful to read it from two or three different translations or versions, as this often helps to flesh out the whole picture for us. Write out one or two verses that really speak to you today.



What do you observe in this passage? What do you think God is saying in this scripture?

Does it raise new questions? Does it reveal truth in a new way? 

Write down your observations.



Ask yourself how this scripture might apply to your life right now.

Perhaps it is an encouragement, an instruction, a promise or a correction. 

Write down what this application might be.



Thank God for His word and for the truth it contains. Ask for guidance, patience, humility and perseverance as you seek to apply it. Be sure to listen for His voice as you pray. Sometimes it is helpful to write out your prayers.

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