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Weekly Bible Study

For personal or group reflection


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The Fasting Practice

Four week group study


Hardcover Books


'Fasting' by Lynne M. Baab

 'God's Chosen Fast' by Arthur Wallis

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Listen to our Sunday Teachings on Fasting


Corporate fasting:


The church, as the body of Christ with Jesus as the head, seeks corporately to hear from God. It is a spiritual time, directed and empowered by the Spirit to yield spiritual growth and answered prayers through an intimacy with God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Fasting and praying was a practice of the Old Testament Jews as a guided relationship with the Living God. Jesus also modelled the same in the wilderness. The New Testament church continued the practice as led and directed by the Holy Spirit. Fasting has the potential to help our church get on board with a singular vision. 


“Corporate fasting brings unity and a strong awareness of our need for dependence upon God. It heightens our hunger for His presence in our midst. Fasting together releases unity and clarity of vision in our body to step into everything He has called us for.” 


At the heart of a corporate fast is a corporate repentance in aligning our why with God’s:


“Is this not the fast that I, the Lord, choose,


  • To loosen the bonds of wickedness,

  • To undo the bands of the yoke,

  • And to let the oppressed go free?

  • Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry?

  • Bring the homeless poor into the house?

  • To cover him who is naked,

  • And not to hide yourself from your flesh? Then your light will break out like the dawn

  • Your recovery will speedily spring forth

  • Your righteousness will go before you.

  • The glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.

Isaiah 58: 6-8


What is a corporate fast?

The church unified to hear by the Spirit God’s direction as one body working through each member with Jesus as the head.


Who is in mind?


Those seeking God’s intervention for divine physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.




To seek God’s training in righteousness, to tear down strongholds in our flesh and learn to walk and find victory by the Spirit. To pursue God’s ordered steps for our lives that bring peace, direction, and hope amid the storms and temptations of this world. To prepare for a new ministry, Jesus spent 40 days and nights in the wilderness fasting and praying before He began God’s work on earth. (Matthew 4: 1 – 17). To seek God’s wisdom. Paul and Barnabas prayed and fasted for the elders of the churches before committing them to the Lord for His Service (Acts 14:23). To seek deliverance, Ezra declared a corporate fast (Ezra 8)





With humility and a repentant awareness of our need to follow Jesus, by the Spirit of God, with a teachable heart and a listening ear. Step by step. Jesus meets us where we are and grows us in faith. Fasting as a practice is the same as running. If you have never run a mile, then walk 100 yards. If you have never fasted, then perhaps skip a meal. The purpose is to take notice of the emotions that arise when we are craving food.

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