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We see Home Groups as a significant ministry in our church life so thank you for considering being part of it. 

Our intention is to be very clearly focused on discipleship, and to recognise that our homes are extremely important in this space, even more so than the church building and corporate gatherings, even in non-Covid times.


The points below should give you an idea of our thinking and convictions around one of the areas of church life - Home Groups. 



•  Home Groups are primarily for those already connected with Coast Community - meeting weekly or fortnightly as a discipleship environment for the purpose of going deeper together, prayer and life application.


•  We want to see these home-based discipleship environments be the normative experience for everyone as Coast.


•  Going forward, no Home Group is ever full. Ideally, it will be the normal experience for Home Groups to grow and multiply. This need not and ought not come at the expense of lifelong relationships!


•  Ideally, Home Groups will be geographically constituted. There is obviously a place for demographically constituted groups. But we believe we can miss the value of diversity in such groups. Instead, wouldn't it be wonderful if we constituted groups reflective of the diversity of our immediate neighbourhoods!


•  Ideally, Home Groups will follow in the same vein of teaching as the Sunday message. Resources and a conversation template are available to help Home Group leaders do this.


•  Home Group leaders are recognised, commissioned, supported by and accountable to church leadership. We want to amplify the importance of Home Groups and must also sure up the scaffolding around it.


•  Home Group leaders must be partners[1] of Coast Community Church. Each will connect monthly with a member of the Ministry Leadership Team.


•  For the purpose of building a community of Home Group and Home Church leaders - sharing stories and testimonies, encouragement and training. Home Group leaders will attend a quarterly Home Ministry evening.


[1] Partners are vibrant and active members of our faith community – they are disciples who make new disciples. Partners participate in decision-making events and community forums such as the annual business meeting and partnership evenings. Partners actively and lovingly contribute to the growth and health of Coast Community.

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