Here at Coast Community Church we value every opportunity to ‘go and make disciples of all the nations (Matt 28:19)’, which for us, means that we are aware of the mission of God – which, as Trevor Hudson simply says, is to ‘make God’s love real for others’


This can happen in a number of ways: we can be on ‘mission’ in our day-to-day lives, in our work places, our classrooms and our normal social interactions.  We can be involved in ‘mission’ through an awareness of, and support of outside organisations who are already doing something in the name of Jesus.  We can be on ‘mission’ with others who are part of an intentional mission trip that is not directly run by our church, but we would love to support one’s involvement in these opportunities.  We can also be involved in ‘mission’ through the initiatives conducted by and through Coast Community Church which are available at a local, regional and international level.








Mission Opportunities at Coast Community Church



Church Supported


These mission opportunities are run by Coast Community Church and they are primarily opportunities for our congregation to be obedient to the call of mission in our lives, and they also provide an environment where spiritual growth and maturation can occur.  These opportunities will be promoted, supported, conducted and provided for those who call Coast Community Church their ‘home’.


Examples of Church supported mission:

  • Annual trip to West Ambae in Vanuatu

  • Brad & Kareena - Ethiopia Africa - Read More

  • Justine & Greg - Uganda - Read More













Church Endorsed


These mission opportunities are run by people or organisations outside of Coast Community Church but they are seen as valuable opportunities for people within our church.  Quite often, we are unaware of these opportunities until someone makes them known.  As a church, we are willing to provide support for those who engage in these opportunities through a variety of ways, some of which include information nights, support cards, interviews and prayerful commissioning during a Sunday service.


Examples of Church endorsed mission:

  • mission trips with other organisations e.g. Pioneers Australia

  • mission trips with other churches



Church Awareness


These mission opportunities will have minimal promotion due to their often ‘visible’ nature.  Prayer support will be offered as the ministry team are made aware of personal involvement, beyond sponsorship.


Examples of Church awareness mission:

  • Samaritan’s Purse

  • Compassion

  • World Vision



Personal Mission


Each one of us are called to be disciples who make disciples.  Each one of us spend time with those who do not yet know of the abundant life that is available through Jesus.  We believe that more often than not, our call to mission can be lived out in our normal day-to-day lives, as we surrender to the leading of God’s Spirit, living out Kingdom principles, and as we ‘make God’s love real for others’.  If you’d like to discuss this further in terms of how this looks in your own context, please contact one of the ministry team, and they would be more than willing to explore this with you.


Examples of Personal mission:

  • your home

  • your school

  • your university

  • your work place

  • your daily commute

  • your extended family

  • your neighbours

  • your friends

  • your teammates


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