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Coast Community Church is committed to being a safe place for all people who engage with us including children, young people and adults, especially those most vulnerable.


  • Coast Community Church is committed to child safety because it is integral to our mission

  • We want children to be safe, happy and empowered

  • We support and respect all children

  • We support and respect vulnerable adults

  • We support and respect our staff, partners and volunteers

  • We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all children

  • We are committed to upholding systems that protect children from abuse

  • We have policies and procedures for recruiting and managing our staff and volunteers

  • We are committed to training and educating our staff and volunteers on child abuse risks

  • We take all allegations seriously and respond to them consistently

  • We have zero tolerance for child abuse


We recognise that our volunteers play a significant and essential role in our Safe Church commitment. As such, we require every volunteer to undergo a simple screening process, attend an information session and commit to our volunteer guidelines.

To volunteer in any area across the life of Coast Community the following are essential:

  • A current Working with Children Check (WWCC)

  • 2 character references

  • Attend a Safe Spaces in practice information session (within six months of joining a team) 

  • Agree with and sign the Coast Community Volunteer Agreement

Further information regarding the above is provided when a potential volunteer expresses interest in Joining a Team 


The Safe Church Team is responsible for the oversight of Coast Communities safe church program, including our safe church policy and procedures and to provide oversight and managment of safe church and child protection concerns and reports.


Nicole Briggs


Andrew McInnes


Matthew Johnston


Please contact our Safe Church team if you have any questions regarding our Safe Church Program or to discuss any safe church or child protection concerns.

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