"What we must clearly understand & underscore is that our real task on retreat is to create a space in our lives where God can reach us. Once space has been created we wait quietly, expectantly, for the work from this point belongs to God."  
Richard Foster
What Happens on a retreat?

It's a rare thing to have un-interrupted time alone with God. We have designed retreats for men and women to intentionally set aside three days (72 hours) to truly be still. It is in this stillness that we will find that God will speak, often profoundly to each one of us. 

Spiritual Retreats are designed to provide the space for you to not only receive teaching on spiritual formation and the primary spiritual disciplines but also to create the time and room to put these disciplines into practice. The disciplines we explore are ones with which Jesus himself richly engaged.

Men's Retreats
We try to keep retreats fairly small, roughly 8-12 men of different ages, travel together to a retreat location. The coast includes food and a cook is provided. There are great opportunities around a campfire at night for men to share and encourage one another. 
Men's Retreats for 2018:
Solitude & Silence 24 - 27 May 
Solitude & Silence 14 -17 June
Fasting Retreat 18 - 25 October 
Sabbath Retreat 23 - 26 August 
Simplicity Retreat 9 - 12 August 
Prayer Retreat  21 - 24 June

Retreat types


Solitude & Silence (introductory Retreat) An overview of Spiritual Formation. During SR1 you will also have an opportunity to learn and practice some of the most fundamental disciplines of the spiritual life. You will explore the two foundational disciplines of every retreat - Solitude and Silence.



Simplicity Retreat. This retreat explores two key disciplines, namely Study and Simplicity.  The discipline of Study is essential in helping us to renew our minds and change the way we think about ourselves and our lives. The discipline of Simplicity, results in discovering how we can live with a greater simplicity of both purpose and lifestyle.



Fasting Retreat. By exploring the discipline of Fasting, this retreat has the potential to teach you a great deal about yourself.  Fasting is not about lack - it's about feasting on God!  This retreat will inspire you to fast from those things which control you and will develop in you an even greater hunger for God.



Sabbath Retreat. Explores the Sabbath. This Retreat will inspire you to live in a healthy rhythm of work and rest. Jesus himself lived with this rhythm. 2000 years later we are in desperate need of rediscovering the joy and peace of a regular Sabbath.



Prayer Retreat. Learning to pray conversationally is crucial to developing a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. This retreat focuses on growing our understanding and practice of prayer within the context of relationship. 


Women's Retreats 

Roughly 5-8 women of all ages travel to 'Soulitude', a farmhouse on 10 acres, situated near Taree. The cost includes food and a cook is provided. It's a great time to get to know other women & share and pray for each other.

Women's retreats for 2018:

Solitude & Silence 15 - 18 March 

Simplicity Retreat 17 - 20 May

Fasting Retreat 21 - 24 June

Prayer Retreat 28 June - 1 July

Prayer Retreat 2 - 5 August

Sabbath Retreat 6 - 9 September 

Solitude & Silence 25 - 28 October Register Here


Bensville Campus 


Tumbi Campus



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Tumbi Campus

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