Welcome to Coast Community Church,

We hope you will find our church a warm and welcoming place, somewhere you can discover what it means to live out our Christian faith in true community. Our desire is for you to not only find a place where you can belong, but a place where you can make a difference, a place where you are encouraged to grow in your faith and life.


One of the unique aspects of ‘Coast Community’ is that we are a church passionate about one thing. John Ortberg said it well ‘The Secret of life is pursuing one thing’ and a famous Danish Theologian Soren Kierkegaard wrote ‘Purity of heart is to will one thing’.

Our one thing as church is to Seek first His Kingdom. Our encouragement to you is to ‘simplify your life!’ by being passionate about one thing… The Kingdom of God !


Jesus’ primary teaching was the availability, presence and power of the Kingdom of God, which is the central teaching of the New Testament. In His Kingdom, God is creating an all inclusive community of people whose hearts and character are shaped by Jesus.Seeking first God’s Kingdom includes seeking first God’s Reign, God’s Principles, God’s Wisdom, God’s Truth, God’s Priorities, God’s Standard, God’s Values, God’s Will, and God’s Agenda for your life and Jesus said it so simply. ‘Seek first His Kingdom’ Mat 6:33


You will soon discover that everything we do from Overseas Mission Trips, to our Debt Counseling Service, from our Christian School, to our Youth Ministry is all about one thing. Seeking first His Kingdom.


Jesus came to establish His Kingdom, not denominations or movements, therefore we embrace Christians from all corners of Christendom, who are passionate about Seeking & building God’s Kingdom together. I hope you will join us in the adventure of seeking first His Kingdom.

















Bensville Campus 


Tumbi Campus



Bensville Campus 

39 Bundaleer Crescent Bensville NSW 2251 

(02) 4368 3500


Tumbi Campus

22 Adelaide Street, Tumbi Umbi, NSW 2261

(02) 4311 9743