Coast Community
Everything comes from and exists for God the Father,
Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.
'Healthy, Growing Full of Love'
Vision [what we see]

Paul wrote these words as a vision for the ephesian church, a picture of what a local church is to look and feel like. For us today, it remains relevant as a clear and compelling description of the kind of church we want to be... healthy growing and full of love. 

Building Up God's Church by: 
Empowering people according to gifting 
Equipping people for works of service 
Encouraging people to go for it!
Mission [what we do]


Bensville Campus 

9am + 6pm 

Tumbi Campus

10am + 6pm 


Bensville Campus 

39 Bundaleer Crescent Bensville NSW 2251 

(02) 4368 3500


Tumbi Campus

22 Adelaide Street, Tumbi Umbi, NSW 2261

(02) 4311 9743