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It's easy for us to look ahead to Easter Sunday and simply not pay attention to Jesus' final days on earth. Holy Week is a significant week, in which we encourage you to allow space to reflect on the suffering and agony; Jesus' tears of blood in the garden; the shattered hopes of His followers; the darkness and silence in the space between His death and resurrection. 

So, let's not rush into Easter, let's invite the Holy Spirit to meet us in every part of Holy Week. Here are a few ways we can do this in community. 

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Holy Week Prayer Activities

5 Guided Prayer Activities designed for you to engage in your home, either individually or with your family. 

Image by Jessica Mangano

Communal Bible Reading Plan 

Sunday 24th - Sunday 31st March

Journey through the scriptures in community, through a YouVersion bible plan by the BibleProject's Holy Week & Easter. 


Good Friday Gatherings Friday 29th March, 9:30am Bensville & Tumbi

The one day of Holy Week we call 'good' is actually the darkest, most painful day. Whilst we remember Jesus' sacrificial death for humanity; we sit in the heaviness and utter hopelessness that His followers would have been feeling as they watched the promised messiah crucified. 


Easter Sunday Sunday 31st March, 9:30am Bensville & Tumbi

The day we, as followers of Jesus, celebrate the continuation of the story of reconciliation. Easter Sunday is a joyful day where we remember that death is not the end of the story of Jesus! God's love carries through, and death loses its sting in the resurrection promise. 

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