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Our Mission Leadership Team are doing all we can to have our doors open on Sundays, for our church to gather, at both Bensville and Tumbi.  We have a great series planned over January - 'Understanding OUR Mission' - a series that will help us discover the real DNA and culture of those who, along with us, call the Central Coast home.  Understanding who we live alongside, will help us to find common ground, so we can be the 'salt and the light' that Jesus calls us to be.


It is possible that over the next few weeks, we may see some key people  (speakers, hosts, technical teams) become unavailable due to Covid restrictions.  If this is the case, we will do everything we can to keep our doors open and provide a safe space for people to gather.  If this is not possible at times, we will do all we can to move our gathering into an online space, utilising our YouTube channel, just as we did for large sections of 2021.


If any changes need to be made, we will communicate with you via email, text message, website and via our social media platforms. If you do NOT receive emails from us already, and you're keen to keep updated, we encourage you to fill out this connect form.


Let's keep praying that we remain healthy, and that we are able to surrender ourselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit, as we give ourselves to the mission that Jesus has for us right here on the Central Coast.

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